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The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic was established in November 1997 to provide emergency care for your pet during the hours your regular veterinary hospital is closed.

The veterinarians of Metro perceived the urgent need for a level of emergency care which would provide rapid access to a dedicated emergency staff.

The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic is a joint venture of the Metro veterinarians. Its purpose is to ensure that those emergencies your pet's experience during the night, on weekends and holidays are attended to professionally and quickly.

Modeled after emergency clinics in other centers, this is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.
It features:

about us 2* Diagnostic Laboratory (including Cardio-Pet, Blood Pressure Doppler, Blood Gases, Tonopen)
* Digital Radiology Department
* Surgery, including ventilator and capnography
* Critical Care Monitoring
* Isolation Unit
* Blood Donation & Transfusion

The emergency clinic is conveniently located in the Burnside Industrial Park central to all Metro communities. Your pet will be provided with constant care and monitoring by qualified veterinarians, veterinary technicians and para-professionals.

Your veterinary hospitals have decided to refer all their emergencies to the dedicated emergency hospital because of the constant care and the readily available staff. The emergency clinic is always open after hours and the emergency staff is always there.
The staff of the emergency clinic will do their best to help your pet with prompt compassionate care.

about us 3After the Emergency

Once your pet's condition has been stabilized your pet will be treated and either:

* Your pet will be hospitalized until morning and then transferred to your regular veterinary clinic, or
* Your pet will return home with you and you will be asked to visit your local veterinary for follow-up

Financial Policy & Fee Structure 
Our primary concern is the health of your pet. It is our responsibility to provide your pet with the best, most appropriate and humane medical care. Our fee schedule is structured to support a modern, fully equipped facility enabling our staff to deliver the highest possible quality veterinary services by staff who are dedicated and continually receiving education.

It is our policy to prepare an estimate of the cost for your review - in advance and in writing, of what your hospital fees will be. We do not wish to extend anyone beyond their means. Please do not hesitate to communicate your intentions or concerns to your doctor.

Deposits, Balance, Payment Methods 

It is customary to pay for veterinary services as they are rendered. A deposit is required on all hospital cases with the balance due in full at discharge. Your prompt payment is the only means by which this hospital is supported - unlike human hospitals; we get no government funding or grants. For your convenience we accept cash, debit, Visa & Master Card.

Your local veterinarians care for the well being of your pets. The establishment of the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic is another expression of their concern. The emergency clinic is ready and waiting for your call.


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