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Our Staff

Get to know our emergency veterinarians.

Our team and casual staff work together to ensure that your pet receives the care they need when they need it most. When every second matters, we’ll work tirelessly for your furry family member. Please review our clinic roster below.


View Our Veterinarians

Dr. Tara Riddell, DVM
Dr. Jennifer Strong Klefenz, DVM
Dr. Shannon Murphy, DVM
Dr. Kim McCallum, DVM
Dr. Kelsey Harding, DVM
Dr. Cassandra Brown, DVM
Dr. Hannah Miles, DVM


Dr. Tricia Horsman, DVM
Dr. Juanita Ashton, DVM
Dr. Melanie Gunson, DVM
Dr. Sadie Griffin, DVM
Dr. Patrick Boelsterli, DVM

Veterinary Technicians

View Our Veterinary Technicians

Emma Beaton, RVT
Kari Gray, RVT
Crystal Hunt, RVT
Shannon Peck, RVT
Jessica Pelham, RVT
Danielle Smith, RVT
Miranda Thibodeau, RVT
Megan Trully, RVT
Cara Veenhuis, RVT
Amanda Thompson, RVT
Hannah Lawrence, RVT
Kirsty Jane Powell-Palmer, RVT
Brooke Klein, RVT
Liv Prodan, RVT
Hannah Fahey-McLaren, RVT


View Our Assistants
Alison Bosch, Veterinary Assistant
Megan Dempsey, Veterinary Assistant
Jessica Gorman, Veterinary Assistant
Sharra Long, Veterinary Assistant
Courtney Lynch, Veterinary Assistant
Holly MacNeil, Veterinary Assistant
Amanda Ans, Veterinary Assistant
Emma Croteau, Veterinary Assistant
Jennifer Henneberry, Veterinary Assistant
Jen Harper, Veterinary Assistant

Katelyn Armstrong, Technician Assistant
Jennifer Day, Technician Assistant
Jennifer Sutton, Technician Assistant
Trisha Goodrick, Technician Assistant
Lindsay Mackenzie, Technician Assistant
Charlotte MacNamee, Technician Assistant
Caitlin Coolen-Jewers, Technician Assistant
Alexandra Mobus, Technician Assistant

Vanessa Billard, Kennel Assistant
Britney Porter, Kennel Assistant

Sandra Varner, Social Media Coordinator


View Our Managers
Robin Harnett, Practice Manager
Diana Stevens, Office Manager
View Our Recruiter
Marni Hill, Talent Acquisition Partner – Recruiter