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Our Staff

Get to know our emergency veterinarians.

Our team and casual staff work together to ensure that your pet receives the care they need when they need it most. When every second matters, we’ll work tirelessly for your furry family member. Please review our clinic roster below.


View Our Veterinarians

Dr. Taylor Whitcombe, DVM, Medical Director
Dr. Tara Riddell, DVM
Dr. Maddie Deveau, DVM
Dr. Lauren Parr, DVM


Dr. Tricia Horsman, DVM
Dr. Juanita Ashton, DVM
Dr. Melanie Gunson, DVM
Dr. Patrick Boelsterli, DVM
Dr. Juanita Glencross, DVM
Dr. Liane Nelson. DVM

Veterinary Technicians

View Our Veterinary Technicians

Cara V, RVT
Monique B, RVT
Jenna W, RVT
Shelby P, RVT
Victoria J, RVT

Kim C, RVT
Jodi S, RVT


View Our Assistants

Alison B, Veterinary Assistant
Jennifer H, Veterinary Assistant
Jen H, Veterinary Assistant
Emma B, Veterinary Assistant
Jenna T, Veterinary Assistant
Courtney S, Veterinary Assistant
Morgan K, Veterinary Assistant

Felisha M, Technician Assistant
Sam B, Technician Assistant
Alannah S, Technician Assistant
Leah W, Technician Assistant
Erica M, Technician Assistant
Lara A, Technician Assistant

Vanessa B, Kennel Assistant
Cyrus M, Kennel Assistant
Allison L, Kennel Assistant
Alec T, Kennel Assistant

Sandra V, Social Media Coordinator


View Our Managers

Robin Harnett, Practice Manager
Diana Stevens, Office Manager