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We have answers to your questions.

Below are some common FAQ’s that might help answer any questions or concerns:

What are your hours of operation?

We are open for emergencies 24 hrs/day, every day of the week (including holidays).

Can I schedule an appointment?

We do not make appointments. We are an animal emergency hospital that works much like a human emergency hospital where patients are triaged, and the most serious conditions are treated first.

What can I expect when I arrive with my pet?

This procedure has been modified due to COVID-19. For your and our safety, we are not allowing clients into the hospital except for specific procedures.

If you have a pet emergency, you should give us a call at 902-468-0674 and talk to one of our staff about your pet’s condition.

Once you arrive, you should call us from your car to let us know you are here. Our staff will then put your file in the queue to be seen by a doctor. We triage our patients so the most serious conditions will be seen first.

When it is your pet’s turn to be seen, one of our doctors will call you to get a history of your pet’s condition and have you bring your pet to our entry.

Our staff will meet you and escort your pet back to our treatment area, where they will be examined.

Once the exam is completed, the doctor will call you back to discuss the preliminary findings and the next steps.

What happens if my pet needs to be transferred to you or back to my family vet?

When it is determined that your pet needs to be transferred, we will help make it a seamless transition. You will need to deliver your pet on your own.

Do you give vaccines?

We do not administer vaccines as part of routine pet care. These are done at your family veterinarian.

Do you perform spays or neuters?

Our highly trained and experienced doctors perform an array of emergency surgeries. Routine spays or neuters are performed by your family veterinarian.

What if I do not have a family veterinarian? Can I come see you?

We are an animal emergency hospital that works much like a human emergency hospital. If you are having a pet emergency, please give us a call at 902-468-0674 and speak to one of our staff about your pet’s condition.

Wellness and ongoing routine pet care are taken care of by your family veterinarian. Once your pet has been treated here, a family veterinarian will take care of follow-up care. When you find one, we will forward the medical files from your visit to that vet so they can continue care.

For a complete list of veterinarians in your area, click here.

What forms of payment are accepted? Is there a deposit required?

We accept Cash, Debit, VISA, or Mastercard payments.

We are a separate veterinary hospital from your family veterinarian. As such, payment is due at the time of service. If your pet is admitted to the hospital, we require a 50% deposit of the consented treatment estimate that is given to you prior to admission.

We also have third party financing through Paybright. Please mention to our staff at the beginning of your visit if you will be requesting financing. The process takes a short period of time.

Do you accept pet insurance, and how does it work?

We may be able to direct bill for Trupanion, depending on how your account is set up. Please let us know your insurance provider when you call or arrive.

Do you sell pet food?

We have limited quantities of specific prescription diets.

Do you sell flea, tick or dewormer products?

Parasite control is part of routine wellness plans for your pet. Routine wellness plans are administered by your family veterinarian.