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Hypothermia is when the body temperature goes below 38 C (100.5 F)

What to do:

  • Move your dog to a warm environment.
  • Wrap your dog in warm blankets (you can warm blankets in a clothes dryer)
  • Put hot water bottles in the blankets to add a heat source.
  • Immerse dog in water maintained at 38.3 – 39.4 C (101 – 103 F)

What NOT to do:

  • If using water to warm the dog, do not allow him to get chilled.
  • Be careful when using heating pads or hot water bottles – if too hot, they can cause damage to the skin.

If the rectal temperature of your dog is less than 38 C, then he is suffering from hypothermia. Other signs you may see are usually lethargy and decrease in appetite. The cause of hypothermia may be internal or environmental. Whatever the reason, the dog will need to be seen by your veterinarian.

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